Why eSucceed

Why eSucceed?

At eSucceed we focus on providing high-quality instruction and teaching students the skills necessary to thrive both academically and personally.


Students participate in a relevant and engaging environment that reflects the ways people live, work and excel in today’s world.


eSucceed infuses digital technology into small group advisories to provide a rigorous, interactive curriculum. Online learning is combined with unique, high-quality educational projects, augmenting the virtual experience.


eSucceed provides access to all courses required for high school graduation along with many additional electives including opportunities to explore college courses. At our project-based school, students initially participate in classes delivered through a traditional approach and gradually expand into the development of projects that are based on each student’s needs and interests.


Environments of Success™ is a unique curriculum embedded into all courses that provides strategies and tools to help students achieve success in any environment.


The curriculum revolves around four commitments:


Responsibility – We teach students to have a clear vision, mission, and goals, to set and high expectations for themselves.


Support – We build strong support systems between students, teachers and the leadership team.


Collaboration – We promote shared leadership opportunities for students and staff, and structured and productive collaboration.


Growth and Innovation – We use innovative strategies to create meaningful scholastic and professional development.
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Environments Of Success™

We all live, work and socialize in a variety of different environments. At eSucceed we strive to help students learn the skills that will help them achieve success both in school and in their personal lives. Environments of Success teaches students to identify their desired outcomes, set goals that will help them reach those outcomes, and develop and implement an action plan. Throughout the process students learn specific tools and strategies to help them progress and overcome challenges that ultimately occur. In addition to learning specific tools and strategies, Environments of Success teaches students about the four commitments that will help them reach their goals.


Commit to taking Responsibility – Students learn to identify their daily routine, plan their schedule, avoid distractions and eliminate procrastination. They also learn how to communicate clearly and ask for what they need.


Commit to being Supportive – Students learn how to ask for the support they need to be successful and also provide support to other students within the learning community.  Students are part of advisory sessions where they have opportunities to share, discuss and receive input regarding both successes and challenges.


Commit to being Collaborative – Even though some students prefer to work by themselves, students learn that the skill of collaboration is important both in school and in life. Whether it is working with a group in one of their classes or doing a project during a face to face experience, students learn the valuable skill of getting along and listening to other students’ perspectives and ideas.


Commit to Growth & Innovation – Thinking outside the box and doing things that are out of your comfort zone is often avoided by many people. At eSucceed we teach students that success is outside their comfort zones.  It’s when they stretch and think differently and take a chance with a new idea that growth and innovation occurs.

Learning for the Real-World

Project-based learning begins with identifying student interests, developing a learning experience around those interests and pulling in the necessary learning targets and standards. Projects may last for two days, two weeks, or two months, and may include direct instruction, group work, field experiences, and one-on-one instruction with a teacher. All students have the opportunity for face-to-face interactions through their various projects. They learn life skills such as collaboration, research, community involvement and more.


This, combined with our Environments of Success™ curriculum, makes eSucceed Virtual School different from other e-learning schools. We believe we’ve found the right combination to build a strong foundation for the rest of our students’ lives. We look forward to helping your student find his or her pathway to success.

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