Squeeze Some More Fun Out of Summer

Squeeze Some More Fun Out of Summer

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Summer News From eSucceed


We hope that everyone is having an enjoyable and safe summer!!

We are busy at eSucceed working on plans for the fall and welcoming new students and families!  With our school expanding to grades K-12, we are doing a lot of planning for our youngest learners.

Emails were sent out today with the timeline of back to school events.  If you are enrolled and did not receive the email, please contact the eSucceed office.

🍋Squeeze Some More Fun Out Of Summer!🍉

Still having summer fun? Last month we sent out a list of summer fun activity ideas. If you missed it, check it out HERE. We have less than half of our summer left before school starts again. The rest of this summer stretch yourself and commit to doing something that is out of your comfort zone!

At eSucceed we teach students that success is outside their comfort zones.  It’s when they stretch and think differently and take a chance with a new idea that growth and innovation occurs.

A specific learning tool of our Environments of Success™ curriculum here at eSucceed is focused on the commitment to Growth and Innovation. Thinking outside the box and doing things that are out of your comfort zone is often avoided by many people.

Yes, this is great to work on during the school year, but why not now? Summer is the perfect time to tap into your surroundings and find inspiration for growth and innovation. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you this summer:

Read Something Different: If you normally read books about a certain subject, read or listen to a book about something you don’t know anything about, or a topic you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards.

Help Someone! Find some way to help out your community. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or help out a neighbor by weeding their garden.

Build Something! Have you ever built a birdhouse? There are many inexpensive building kits out there, or find some scrap wood and come up with your own creation.

Teach Something! Make a YouTube video on how to do something that you are really great at. Share it with your friends or some younger kids. You never know who you might inspire!