It’s Spring! 🌼

It’s Spring! 🌼

It’s Spring! 🌼


Happy Spring! Read below for eSucceed’s tips on How to Prevent Loneliness for Online Students and to learn about what our students are saying.  The end of the school year is quickly approaching and we are busy working with students to end our first year successfully. Thank you for being a part of eSucceed!  We would love to hear from all students regarding experiences, takeaways, insights and suggestions so we can continue to learn, improve, and create engaging and motivating environments for all learners.

This is What Our Students Are Saying: 

One of our students who completed her last test for the year commented that she was going to miss eSucceed. She said, “I’m really going to miss advisory a lot”. Students meet in an advisory session at least twice a week on a video conferencing call where they discuss their progress, receive tips and tricks for struggles, and learn how to be successful both in school and in life.

How to Prevent Loneliness for Online Students

Many students find that joining an online school community can be a challenging place. There is potential for isolation and feelings of loneliness. Just so you know, you are not alone! At eSucceed we strive to be a part of your learning journey daily including “face-to-face” video conferences! We know that sometimes that is not enough to fill social needs. Here are some ways to give yourself what you need!

Tips from eSucceed Virtual School

  • One of our students said that they make time for their friends on the weekends. Keep your personal life alive! It may take some extra effort, but reach out to your group of friends or family and plan something fun online.
  • There is A LOT to learn offline! Use your environment around you to look for other ways to learn.
  • Make meeting with your teacher and advisor with video a priority! We want to see your smiling faces! Remember that you’re not alone! Your classmates are all in this with you and your teacher/advisor is there to help you along the way.
  • When you are listening to music, you are never alone! Another eSucceed student listens to music to connect to the outside world. Listening to music can be great for a mood boost, emotional self-regulation, and help express your thoughts and feelings!
  • Talk to others about your classes. Tell your family and friends what you are learning. Ask them questions if you are stuck on something.
  • Participate in class discussions and projects. Many online classrooms will have discussion boards and ways to reach out to your classmates. Take advantage of that…you never know who you will become friends with and what you will learn!
  • Share something about yourself. Add to your online classroom profile…include a picture and tell everyone a little about yourself.
  • Get outside, take your dog for a walk, go for a run, or just hike in the woods. Getting outside and breathing some fresh air can be a great way to refresh yourself.


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