Frequently Asked Questions


How much is tuition?

eSucceed is a public school, with no tuition for WI residents.

What are eSucceed's admissions requirements?

Since eSucceed is a public school, our admissions requirements are the same as any public high school. We serve students in grades K-12. In order to provide a highly personalized learning experience, there are limits on how many students are accepted per grade, per year. Open enrollment begins in early February and closes at the end of May. If the number of students exceeds the enrollment cap, students will be selected using a lottery process.

Is there an age limit to attend eSucceed?

We follow the same guidelines as public schools.

Can I attend eSucceed part-time if I live in a consortium district?

Yes, students living inside the consortium may attend eSucceed as either a part-time or full-time student.

Can I attend eSucceed part-time if I live outside of the consortium?

Students living outside the consortium districts may enroll as either a part-time or full-time student. Per Wisconsin state statute, students outside the consortium may take up to 2 classes to be considered part-time enrolled.

Do you accept transcripts from foreign countries?


Will previously earned credits transfer to eSucceed?


What is your deadline for enrollment?

The open enrollment program is administered by the State of Wisconsin and there are statutory procedures and timelines the school district is required to follow in order to accept students into eSucceed Virtual School. The application period for the upcoming school year starts the first Monday in February and ends at 4:00 pm on the last weekday in April. However, there are a number of exceptions to this open enrollment period policy. If you have missed the deadline and feel your situation may qualify please contact Dr. Michele Andorfer immediately.

When will I be able to start if I enroll today?

After a student has completed the open enrollment process and been approved, classes will begin in September.

Program Overview

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a publicly funded independent school established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority.

Do colleges and universities accept eSucceed graduates?


Do eSucceed credits transfer back to traditional high schools?


Do students receive report cards?

Students will receive frequent reports on their progress. Progress is assessed through mastery of learning targets and students will receive credits based upon successful mastery of content per course.

How do you work with children who are gifted?

Because our curriculum is personalized, each student learns at a level that’s appropriately challenging for them. We could have a 9th grader working on senior level projects. All students are assessed when they begin classes, so that we can create an individualized learning plan.

Parent Support

How does eSucceed work with families? What kind of support do you offer?

Parents are part of the equation at eSucceed. We all need to work together to help students be successful. We include parents in the student’s orientation and help them get familiar with our platform and expectations. We provide regular updates and a guide they can follow to ensure their child is mastering their courses. We also offer conferences, either in-person or virtually.

How will I know how my child is doing?

Parents have access to their own parent portal, where they can see how their child is progressing.


What is considered a full course load?

The amount of time devoted to schoolwork depends on the grade level of the student, difficulty of coursework, and other factors.  As a general rule, full time students can expect the following:


High School-5-6 hours per day

Middle School-4-5 hours per day

Elementary School-2-3 hours per day

How are students graded?

Students are graded based on their mastery of the subject material.

What is “project based” learning?

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a learning methodology that encourages students to identify real world problems and develop solutions for them. We believe this methodology allows students opportunities for in-context experiential learning and for developing critical skills that prepare them for life beyond high school.

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