Full-Time Enrollment

eSucceed offers the curriculum and education you would expect from a brick and mortar school PLUS flexibility and choice in creating a unique learning experience in a way that best meets a student’s individual learning needs.


Students may choose from the hundreds of unique courses available, or they may choose to immerse themselves in innovative projects that are guided by their teachers. In either case, your child is supported by a strong curriculum aligned to state standards, helpful teachers, and additional mentor assistance. The online learning experience offers students the opportunity to interact with classmates from a diverse cross-section of Wisconsin’s urban and rural communities.

How it works for full-time students

For students

  • All classes are online
  • You may attend and study from home or library or other suitable location where concentration is possible
  • Log in into each course daily
  • Check your school email several times a day
  • Back up your work regularly

For parents

  • Help your student create or find a good workspace
  • Review your student’s progress
  • Attend conferences, reach out to teacher when needed
  • Check in with your student regularly

Open Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year begins February 7th.

Have Questions?

Schedule time with Dr. Andorfer to see if eSucceed is the right fit for your student:

Michele Andorfer, Director


Ready to Enroll?

Open Enrollment for 2022 begins February 7 – April 29.

Exceptions for Alternative Open Enrollment

Here is a list of potential circumstances that would qualify a student for an immediate transfer:

  • The pupil’s resident school district determines that the pupil is a victim of a violent crime.
  • The pupil has been a victim of repeated bullying or harassment that has been reported to the resident school district and continues in spite of action taken.
  • The pupil’s place of residence has changed due to the parent’s military service.
  • The pupil’s place of residence has changed as a result of court order or custody agreement or the pupil was placed in a foster home or with a person other than the pupil’s parent.
  • The pupil is or has been homeless in the current or preceding school year.
  • The pupil’s parent and the nonresident and resident school districts agree that attending the nonresident school district is in the best interests of the pupil.
  • The pupil moved into this state within the past 30 days.

DPI brochure

For more information about exceptions to open enrollment, please see the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s brochure.

Our courses

Explore our wide variety of core content courses, as well as many electives for middle school and high school students.

Part-time Enrollment

Take up to 2 classes from eSucceed while attending your home district.

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Immediate Transfer

Qualified students can transfer to eSucceed without waiting for Open Enrollment.

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Meet a Student

Deja – Grade 10

Hello, my name is Deja. I have two dogs, their names are Axle and Nova. They are both Rottweilers and I love them so mu

Sami – Grade 8

Hi! My name is Sami. I have two siblings (one younger brother and one older sister) and a cat named Shadow. During my f