Open Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year begins February 5th. Please click Apply Now to be directed to our application page.

eSucceed K-12 Virtual School offers your student a quality education that meets Wisconsin state requirements with the flexibility to accommodate your family’s unique needs.

Your student will receive the support they need through our Environments of Success curriculum as well as the opportunity to connect their learning with real-life possibilities through project-based learning initiatives.

Our online school is great for…

Students transferring from a school district in WI

Students who don’t thrive in a traditional school environment

Students who need more flexibility in their schedule

Online school offers flexibility and requires commitment

Switching to online school from a traditional classroom is a big change. Students who thrive in online learning have some common attributes.

Self-discipline and a desire for independence

Without the structured environment of the traditional classroom with prescribed class lengths, bells, and room changes, students need to set up their own schedules and routines to accomplish the online and independent portions of their studies.

A desire to learn

Students with a self-motivated desire to learn and succeed academically thrive in an online learning environment. Project-based learning encourages students to connect academic learning to real-world applications.

Commitment to the time needed to learn

The amount of time devoted to schoolwork depends on the grade level of the student, the difficulty of coursework, and other factors. As a general rule, full-time students should expect the following time commitment for school days:

  • High School: 5-6 hours per day
  • Middle School: 4-5 hours per day
  • Elementary School: 2-3 hours per day

A desire to create their own path

Individualized learning is at the core of eSucceed’s program. Students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and at their own level. They have interests and goals; they need an environment in which to pursue them.

Your student needs your support to succeed!

At eSucceed, we value parent participation as we all work together to help students succeed. We include parents and guardians in students’ orientations and help familiarize them with our platform and our expectations. We provide regular updates and a guide which parents and guardians may follow to ensure their children are mastering their courses. We also offer virtual conferences.

The Cost

As a Wisconsin online, public charter school, eSucceed is tuition-free for Wisconsin students under 21.

Each student is provided with a laptop or Chromebook as well as a fabric case if needed. Devices and accessories must be returned at the end of the school year, or upon withdrawal or graduation.

You will need internet access. eSucceed will provide a hotspot for families in need.

Wisconsin Open Enrollment

While students usually attend school in the district where they reside, open enrollment gives them the freedom to attend a school of their choice.

eSucceed is a K-12 online public school chartered by a consortium of seven school districts: Bruce, Cadott, Cornell, Gilman, Lake Holcombe, New Auburn, and Stanley-Boyd. Since eSucceed is a public charter school, our admissions requirements are the same as those of any Wisconsin public school.


Open enrollment opens in early February and closes at the end of April each year.


Open Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year begins February 5th. Please click Apply Now to be directed to our application page.

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Have Questions?

Schedule time with Dr. Andorfer to see if eSucceed is the right fit for your student:

Michele Andorfer, Director


Ready to Enroll?

Full-time Enrollment

Wisconsin-accredited curriculum with the flexibility your student needs.

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Part-time Enrollment

Students can take up to two classes and still attend their district school. Part-time enrollment is great for students who need to catch up, want to get ahead, or would like to try something new their school does not offer.

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Immediate Transfer

Students seeking to transfer to eSucceed mid-semester will need to fill out the alternative open enrollment form and send it to eSucceed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Students who need technology are issued an eSucceed computer.

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Meet a Student

Anneliese – Grade 11

Anneliese loved her project-based learning experience at eSucceed! She shares her inspiration for this project, as well

Deja – Grade 10

Hello, my name is Deja. I have two dogs, their names are Axle and Nova. They are both Rottweilers and I love them so mu

Sami – Grade 8

Hi! My name is Sami. I have two siblings (one younger brother and one older sister) and a cat named Shadow. During my f