Open enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is available now. Apply online!

Student Enrollment

eSucceed is a Wisconsin Public School

that offers tuition-free enrollment

to Wisconsin students in grades K-12.


Alternative enrollment is now open. If you are a Wisconsin resident seeking to open enroll,  please click on the “apply now” button which will take you to the Department of Public Instruction webpage where you will find the alternative enrollment process.   


If you are not from Wisconsin, please contact us for information on the process for out of state enrollment.  


Any student that wants to enroll in eSucceed and resides within our consortium districts, (Bruce, Cadott, Cornell, Gilman, Lake Holcombe, New Auburn, Stanley-Boyd) please contact us directly for an application.


Dr. Michele Andorfer, Ph.D.
Phone: 715-861-6999
708 Bridge Street
PO Box 517
Cornell, WI 54732


Please note: The open enrollment program is administered by the State of Wisconsin and there are statutory procedures and timelines the school district is required to follow in order to accept students to the eSucceed Virtual School. The application period for the upcoming school year starts the first Monday in February and ends at 4:00 pm on the last weekday in May. However, there are a number of exceptions to this open enrollment period policy. If you have missed the deadline and feel your situation may qualify please contact Dr. Michele Andorfer immediately.


Wisconsin students are welcome to apply to eSucceed Virtual School through the Open Enrollment Program during the open enrollment window from February – May.  


Students outside of Wisconsin please contact Dr. Michele Andorfer at mandorfer@eSucceed.org for more  information on how to enroll in eSucceed Virtual School.

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