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Now offering authentic learning for elementary through grade 12!


eSucceed is a virtual public K-12 school free to all students in the state of Wisconsin. eSucceed is committed to providing students high -quality personalized instruction. 


Individualized learning plans are created for each student providing a clear instructional path while taking into consideration each student’s learning style, ability, and interests.


Every student receives a laptop and, if needed, has access to a jetpack for internet support.


As we continue to build our elementary school, we continue to evolve and add new features and programs. 


These are currently some of the key features of our elementary school 


Topic Grades K-3 Grades 4-6
What does a typical week of school look like for students? Daily coursework and instruction to build foundational skills; math, literacy, exploration and discovery


Weekly work in online programs for reading and math


Quarterly projects to reinforce daily learning


Teacher led writing units


Virtual literacy and math support classes


Flexible curricular choices

Daily coursework in all subject areas


Weekly goals in online programs for reading and math


Monthly projects to reinforce daily learning


Teacher-led writing, science, and social studies units


Teacher-led math class


Literature circles

Do students have art, music, and physical education opportunities? Online course opportunities


Teacher-led projects

Online course opportunities


Teacher-or student- led projects

How is student progress measured? Literacy and math screeners


Portfolio review


Online course review


Project feedback


Reading samples

In-house assessments for math and literacy


Wisconsin state assessments


Online work analysis


Project feedback

What are the Learning Management Resources? Buzz/Genius

Google Classroom


Infinite Campus

G Suite Tools: Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites


Google Classroom


Infinite Campus

G Suite Tools: Docs, Slides, Sheets, Sites

What does communication look like? Weekly newsletters


Portfolios demonstrating student work


Grading sheets


Progress reports

Bi-weekly emails


Feedback on projects


Grading sheets


Progress reports


 Other features for all students:

    • Students are assigned an online teacher who works with each student in all curricular areas 


    • Students complete independent work (practice skills development, online content, projects)


    • Students have the support of their teacher for one-on-one tutoring and conferencing


    • A home mentor is identified for elementary students 


    • Students experience a combination of independent work, small group work, and live instructional time.



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