Do you Know? 🍂

Do you Know? 🍂

Fall is Here!

Advisory has begun for all high school students! Advisory is a required component
of eSucceed and students receive a elective credit. Students learn the important
skills ofcollaboration, communication, responsibility and many more.

Now that we are settling into a school routine, we asked some of our students what
advice they would give themselves to succeed with virtual learning. One student
advised: “Don’t sleep in! Take notes and use the guided note sheets provided
on Buzz while going through the lesson the first time.” Good advice from a
student on their way to success!

Did you know these two things about fall?


Have you ever wondered how leaves change to the bright and beautiful colors in the fall?

Some trees show off bright yellow, while others a deep red. The “anthocyanins”
pigments which are the purple or red colors, are caused by sugars trapped in the
leaves. Dry, cooler weather with plenty of sunshine leads to an increase in
sugars in the leaves. When the weather gets to freezing temperatures,
the process of making red pigments stops. Take a study break and enjoy
the peak fall colors!


Do you know this history fact about Jack-o-Lanterns?🎃

The Irish and Scottish would carve creepy faces into turnips and potatoes!
They would place them in their windows and near doors to chase away evil spirts.

Will you be carving a pumpkin this Halloween?

Take a break from taking notes and studying and enjoy
the outdoors and the festive activities that come
with this time of year!