High School

As your child begins to consider what they want the rest of their life to look like, eSucceed is there to educate them in a way that matches their learning style, supports their passions, and meets their needs so that they can pursue whatever plans they make post-graduation.

What does it look like to be a high school student with eSucceed?

eSucceed high school students attend a weekly advisory meeting where they have the chance to get to know their peers, develop study strategies and learn how to set goals and meet them with Environments of Success. During the rest of the week, students are free to work at a pace that suits their schedule and meet with teachers when necessary.


Students can work at their own pace through the courses. This offers them flexibility as they plan out their week. The students’ course work is all laid out for them and they can take the time they need for each lesson.


Project-Based Learning for High School

Project-based learning (PBL) is a teaching method that inspires students to use their passions and what they’ve learned on their educational journey to solve real-world problems. PBL encourages the idea that the world needs what each student has to offer. This approach allows students opportunities for real-world experiential learning that gives them the tools they’ll need to succeed beyond the classroom.

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  • Tuition-free for Wisconsin residents
  • Full- and part-time enrollment
  • Schedule flexibility

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Graduation Requirements

Students attending eSucceed via open enrollment must complete the following credit requirements:


English/Language Arts: 4 credits
Math: 3 credits
Science: 3 credits
History/Social Studies: 3 credits
Physical Education: 1.5 credits
Health: 0.5 credits
Electives: 8.5 credits


Students must also take and pass the Wisconsin Civics exam.


Students attending eSucceed full-time as consortium students must meet the graduation requirements set by their home/resident school district.

Earn College Credit With Chippewa Valley Technical College

We have partnered with Chippewa Valley Technical College to offer high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit while working towards an associate degree.


Students may enroll in any of the courses below for the 2022-23 academic year. All courses are available online. Online CVTC courses are not self-paced. Students are expected to meet weekly deadlines for projects, assignments, and assessments.


Fall 2022 eSucceed Course Offerings:
•English Composition 1
•Introduction to Psychology


Spring 2023 eSucceed Course Offerings:
•English Composition 2
•Introduction to Sociology


Chippewa Valley Technical College and eSucceed also offer High School Academies, a series of courses designed to meet high school requirements while allowing students to explore their passions in the context of a future career. Through High School Academies, students can earn a recognized industry credential, an embedded technical diploma, or up to a full semester of an associate degree program. Some industries included in High School Academies are nursing, construction, and business management.


To enroll in this dual credit opportunity or to learn more, visit the Chippewa Valley Technical College website.

High School FAQ

Will my high school student be able to participate in extracurricular activities?

Students living within eSucceed’s consortium are able to participate in their local high school’s sports programs and clubs.

Is there a part-time option for eSucceed high school students?

Students may enroll as either part-time or full-time students. Per Wisconsin state statute, students may take up to two classes to be considered part-time students and four or more classes to be considered full-time students.

Will I have to buy my child a computer?

Each student is provided with a computer upon enrollment with eSucceed, if needed. We have a strong tech support network to help with any troubleshooting.

What is the cost?

eSucceed is a Wisconsin public school that offers a personalized education at no cost to families who reside in in-state.

What if our internet connection is unstable?

eSucceed supports internet access by loaning a hotspot to families who need it.

How much time will my child spend doing schoolwork each day?

The expectation for full-time high school students with eSucceed is 5-6 hours per day.

Emily Meyer – English

My name is Emily Meyer and I am the English teacher for eSucceed. I went to UW-Whitewater and have experience teaching i

Sonya Kohls – Science

Hola!! This year will be my 10th year of teaching science, and my 3rd year teaching virtually. In addition to teaching v

Samantha Klump – Math

Hello! This is my 9th year of teaching math and my 2nd year teaching with eSucceed. I have previously taught for Oshkosh