Student Services

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Student Services

eSucceed offers a variety of ways to support the different learning needs of each student. We believe that every child is unique and their learning experience should be customized to their interests, abilities and learning styles. 


Advisory Groups– eSucceed students are part of an advisory group that meets several times a week.  The group consists of a small group of students led by their advisor. Advisory is designated to offer support to students within a small group.  Students learn and discuss ways to manage their time, how to use their calendar, tips and tools for staying on pace and avoiding procrastination. During advisory students share their work calendars with their advisor and explain how they are managing their time throughout the week. Students also discuss how to avoid distractions in order to maximize their time. During advisory students are also introduced to eSucceed’s curriculum, Environments of Success™.  EOS provides lessons that teach students how responsibility, collaboration, support, and growth and innovation can be utilized in achieving their goals. Advisory students may schedule appointments to meet individually with their advisor on areas of concern.


Teachers/relationships – At eSucceed we believe that students learn in a variety of different ways and have different needs and interests. The eSucceed teachers go the extra mile in providing guidance and support to all students. Based upon the students needs, teachers provide extra time, individual tutoring, modified assignments, and additional support so that all students can achieve success. 


Special Education – For students that reside within our consortium districts, special education services will be provided by the resident/consortium district. The resident district is responsible for special education evaluations, eligibility determinations, placement decisions and IEP development and revision. The staff at eSucceed will work collaboratively with the district to provide information about the student’s progress within the eSucceed classes. eSucceed staff can assist in making decisions for eligibility determination, placement and IEP goals. They can also attend IEP and evaluation meetings by phone, conference, virtually or in person. 

Students that do not reside with the consortium district and require special education services will work with the special education team at Gilman High School. 

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