eSucceed Program Description

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eSucceed Program Description

eSucceed is a virtual public school for students in grades K-12. We offer the same accreditation and accountability as a local brick and mortar school.  The difference is eSucceed provides students flexibility and choice in creating their learning experiences in a way that best meets their individual learning needs. Students can either choose from the hundreds of unique courses available, or students can choose to immerse themselves in innovative projects that are guided and supported by their teachers.  In either case, your child is supported by a strong curriculum that is aligned to the state standards, supportive teachers and additional mentor support.


A New Approach


eSucceed prides itself  not only in continually developing innovative practices, but also in the ability to personalize the education your child receives to meet their unique needs.


Exclusive to eSucceed is our proprietary curriculum, Environments of Success™  EOS is infused in student advisory sessions and classes to help students develop the necessary behaviors and mindsets to achieve success in school and in life. Students learn how to identify and set goals, create action plans, and develop the consistent behaviors that guarantee results. Students graduate from eSucceed having both the academic skills and the knowledge attained through EOS to be successful in all areas of their lives.


Benefits of attending eSucceed


eSucceed is a great fit for families that are looking for more flexibility.  Because students can access eSucceed 24/7 from any location that has internet services, families have the flexibility to schedule family vacations or events when it is convenient for them. Students that participate in club sports enjoy the flexibility of being able to attend school even when they are on the road. Students are still responsible for keeping up with their classes, but they can do it at a time that is convenient for them and the rest of the family.


The Student Experience


Many people ask what their child will  experience in a virtual classroom. Students log into the learning platform where they are able to access their courses and assignments for the day.  A variety of instructional methods are used by the eSucceed teachers which includes reading through content together, working in small groups, meeting online for individual instruction and developing projects.  Students are also part of an advisory group that meets face to face (online) several times a week. During advisory time students receive support in monitoring their classes, budgeting their time, creating their calendars, learning effective communication skills, and many more skills to help them thrive in the online environment. Students are monitored through their participation and work completion.  eSucceed students are also able to move through the curriculum at their own pace.  Whether they need more time to grasp certain concepts or if they want to move through the content quickly, it is designed to give the students the time they need to learn.


Course Offerings – Two Tracks!


Track 1 

eSucceed offers a wide variety of core content courses as well as many electives. To access our course catalog, click here: Course Offerings


Track 2

Students may also meet the required standards for learning through our project based model. Project based learning begins with student interests and the development learning experiences and hands on activities that meet the required content standards. Project based learning develops the necessary life skills such as collaboration, research, community involvement and more.


College Connection (For high school students in either track)


eSucceed has partnered with Chippewa Valley Technical College to offer high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit. To learn more go to: Earn College Credit

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